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Pind Da Riwaz Lyrics Meaning in English –

Where sages sit under the shade
Where people know what we got in us
Where fairs keep taking place
Such is the custom of my village, girl

Impalas roar here
Rims change every year
Queen stays upset forever
Such is the custom of my village, girl

We keep a hanky on our faces when we sleep
We always have a couple of accomplices
We question everything
Such is the custom of my village, girl

Where friends are life
The coe when you call,
They always have your back
Such is the custom of my village, girl

Gets high as the day breaks,
Also doesn’t let the beats fade
Boys here are very stubborn
Look, does get on high alert,
For he can read minds
He shoots the ones who doesn’t listen to him
His car has big tires.
It’s rich versus poor everywhere
Where the ones in jail are ptotected by God
Where day begins at dawn
And rests in the afternoons
16 bullets and killed 2
Villagers tell his address with cheer
Car is parked outside the home with pride,
If he goes alone, his enemies he kills
With his friends he likes to chill
In his free time magazines he refills
With Wahzir he writes and sings

Revolvers have golden butts
Boys don’t tolerate if or buts
A look is enough to keep any mouth
Such is the custom of my village, girl

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Music Composer
Lyrics Writer
Original SourceYouTube
Released On09-15-2022
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